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BeeHydrated is a not-for-profit organisation founded by Digital Marketing students of class 2019. Our team of positive, young minds have come together and developed our own unique business plan aiming to eradicate hate crimes and spread positive attitudes towards the LGBT community as well as tackle the rapid decline in environmental sustainability. Our mission is to promote ‘Plastic free and proud’ by selling our LGBT inspired, re-usable bottles. We’ve developed each bottle with love and care and utilized the best materials to ensure you get plenty of use and durability out of it. Whether it’s promoting more inclusive attitudes or reducing single-use plastic consumption, BeeHydrated promise to dedicate 60% of all profits towards the wonderful cause known as the LGBT foundation!

So why the LGBT foundation? Well, because they strongly exist to build a fair and equal society so lesbian, gay, bisexual and Trans people can achieve their full potential. Since the LGBT movement, campaigners have worked tirelessly to secure LGBT rights and equality around the world and it has all paid off. With social attitudes towards LGBT people shifting dramatically and gay marriage finally being legalised in Northern Island as of last week – we’re seeing great improvement on a mass scale! The LGBT foundations support services are delivered by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, so whether people are struggling with coming out, experiencing family issues and hate crimes, or simply require somebody to talk to, then they can access services of support by a helpline, email, pop-in services or support groups. Despite significant advances, there is still a huge stigma attached to the movement. For example, LGBT people are still being targeted by hate crimes and sexual discrimination on a daily basis. With 1 in 5 LGBT people experiencing hate crimes because of their sexuality and 4 in 5 failing to report the incidents to authority through fear of further judgement – this needs to change! So by raising some money and showing our love and support, together we can expand their services and stop the stigma to promote self-confidence and mental well-being.

While the social divide between those within and outside the LGBT community is improving, the number of environmental resources available are rapidly declining. Instead, a staggering 8 tonnes of plastic and waste materials are being emptied into our oceans intoxicating fish, seabirds, dolphins and seals as they mistake it for food. This has been proven deadly as photographer Chris Jordan captured the remains of a large Seabird with its stomach filled with plastic pieces and waste materials. Furthermore, if you walked across a 100 metre stretch of coast, you will find over 700 parts of plastic packaging waste and even if you try to recycle your water bottles, only a fraction will be recycled because the vast majority will end up clogging our landfills and eventually make their way to our waterways and oceans.

Since an average person drinks four plastic bottles per day costing roughly £1.50 each, you would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles and pocketing an average of £2190 a year just by purchasing one of our BeeHydrated bottles. If we can spread this message far and wide, and prompt more people to adopt our unique strategy, then think about the difference we can promote worldwide to save our beautiful planet from further damage – it isn’t too late!

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